Upsquare Group of Companies

Vertically Integrated Global Enterprise

Upsquare Group is a global holding organization and incubator of independent and integrated companies across the globe. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, its offices are located in India and Singapore.

Upsquare operates under the leadership of its founder Utpal “UV” Vaishnav and is supported by its associates, team members, shareholders, and investors.


Upsquare has incubated several independently run businesses in the areas of Information Technology, Food & Restaurants, Travel & Tourism and Venture Capital.

A decade ago, Upsquare started as a small firm and provided software development services. With the years of hustle and two profitable exits, it graduated from being a services-first company to an organization of independent companies and connected business units.

With the wisdom gained through a series of misses and failures in the last two decades, Upsquare is on the mission to create meaningful experiences and inspiring success stories across the globe.

Unconventional perspective is at the heart of how we approach business and life. We do not focus on increating the numbers or chasing any vanity metrics. We work to create sustainable enterprises across the globe.

Our flagship business is a technology business through which we empower all our other businesses.

Businesses generally have profit as their primary objective. While there is nothing wrong with that, we believe that profits should be the result of creating or participating in the ecosystem connected by shared values. As we believe in co-creation of value, many of our businesses are joint ventures with other businesses and enterprises.

Business Verticals

Upsquare’s flagship offering is in the information technology where it offers services, products, and solutions. It also operates in the areas of Telephony, EdTech, FinTech, Manpower, Gaming, Food & Restaurants, Travel & Tourism and Venture Capital. Here are its business verticals:


We visualize, build and maintain our own micro SaaS products that millions of people use all over the world.

Telephony Services

Our VoIP-powered telephony services are enjoyed by 15000+ users across North America.


Our interactive & measurable knowledge delivery solutions delivered through web and mobile.


Online platform for Insurance Agents, Life Advisors and people with insurance needs.

IT Services

Get your own offshore remote team from India for your software development & IT Solutions needs.

Mobile Games

2d games offered on iOS & Android platforms.

Talent Solutions

Recruitment & manpower services & solutions for internal and external clients.

Travel & Tourism

Airline tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations.

Venture & Capital

Early-stage capital, acceleration, and access to global networks.

Should you have any questions, send an email on hello (at) upsquare (dot) co